Imagine, you just published your latest newsletter and sent it to the inbox of your followers. How cool would it be if you are able to re-use this content for your Medium blog or even publish it to your Wordpress page?

Publish your issue to Medium

Adding your newsletter to your Medium blog is easy as pie. When scheduling your issue, you can check the box next to Medium to make sure your newsletter issue is posted on your blog as soon as you hit ‘Send’ (Note: If you schedule an issue, it will post when the scheduled issue goes out into the world).

Your newsletter is now published to Medium!

Add your issue to Medium as a draft

If you want to add your newsletter to Medium as a draft rather than a published post, you can do that by clicking on the word ‘Medium’ in the screenshot above, then selecting the box beneath that says ‘Post as a draft’. You’ll then be able to find it in Medium by going to Medium > Stories > Draft.

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