Imagine, you just published your latest newsletter and sent it to the inbox of your followers. How cool would it be if you are able to re-use this content for your Medium blog or even your Wordpress page?

How to publish your newsletter to Wordpress

By plugging Revue into Zapier, a workflow automation tool, you can instantly connect to Wordpress. 

How to set this up:

  • Give your Zap a name

  • Select your Revue account by clicking on 'Connect a New Account'

  • Now you need to add your API key which you can find on the bottom of the integrations page on Revue.

  • Your account is now added to Zapier, click on 'Continue'.

  • Now the next step is to setup the 'Action'. Choose 'Wordpress' and 'Create Post'. 

  • Next is selecting your Wordpress account.

  • Make sure to add the Title in the following screen, which automatically copies the issue title to your blog title. 

  • Go to the Content part and select HTML.

  • Now make sure to test your Zap

  • After hitting finish make sure to put your Zap ON.
    From now on Zapier will check every 15 minutes if you posted a new newsletter and will automatically publish it to Wordpress.

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