Switching newsletter platforms? Happen to be an ex-user of TinyLetter or Curated? Well, you're in luck then! First, welcome to Revue - the newsletter tool that will make your life easier by letting you create your issues in no time within a few simple steps. It's great to have you on board and we're gonna tell you why.

Regardless of what other platforms have to offer, we can proudly say Revue's the easiest newsletter tool you can possibly use, your issues will look great and we're always here to land a helping hand. Oh, also did we mention we have an awesome community that you can and should interact with?

Are you feeling happy about making the switch to Revue? So are we!

So let's get cracking. Question now is how can you migrate to Revue without any hassle (and without losing your newsletter history)? Migrating is easy! If you follow the steps below, you will get things done before you know it :)

Step 1:
Create an account on Revue!

Step 2:
Curated users: You can skip this step.

TinyLetter users: Make sure to enable your Archive! This is needed so your older newsletters can be imported. 

Step 3:
Now you have to export your subscribers!

Curated users: Click on export, subscribers (CSV)

TinyLetter users:
Click on Export. After exporting to CSV make sure to delete the 'Subscribe Date' column from your CSV file.

Step 4:
Next, you have import the CSV file in Revue by going to the 'subscribers' tab and clicking on import/export .

Step 5:
This last step is important. After you've completed all other tasks, send us a message at support@getrevue.co including your Revue profile link and your TinyLetter/Curated profile link. We'll take care of the rest! And don't forget to ask for the coupon ;-)

It's easy as pie! 

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