When you choose to schedule your newsletter issue, you’ll have the option to auto-post it to several social-media platforms, including Twitter. Check out the guide below to find out how!

Step 1: Go to the ‘Schedule issue’ page

Click on the blue ‘Schedule issue’ button on the bottom-right of your ‘Create’ screen:


That will bring up the ‘Schedule issue’ page, where you can choose to send your newsletter now, or schedule it for later. Below that, you’ll see this box, allowing you to connect Revue with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Medium:

Step 2: Connect your Twitter account

Click on ‘Connect to Twitter’ and fill in the email and password associated with your account. You can also do this for Facebook, LinkedIn and Medium.

Step 3: Edit the text you’d like to accompany the link to your issue

What do you want to see in the post? This screenshot shows the automatically-generated text, but you can change that to whatever you’d like:

Step 4: Click the box next to ‘Twitter’ to activate the auto-post

Just check the boxes next to the relevant social media platforms before you send, and you’re good to go! When you check any of these boxes, we’ll save your decision for next time.

Step 5: Hit ‘Send now’ or ‘Schedule’ at the bottom of the page

Whether you chose to send the newsletter immediately or schedule it for later, you’ll need to confirm your choices by clicking on that orange button. Then you’re all set!

Step 6: Now, people can subscribe to your newsletter directly from your Tweet

When someone clicks through to read your issue, they’ll see a 'Subscribe' button when they return to their timeline. Learn more.

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