You’ve worked hard to build your subscriber list, and we’ll always make it easy for you to export it, no matter the reason.

First, head to the ‘Subscribers’ tab in the top navigation. Hit ‘Options’, then ‘Export your subscribers’:

Our system will get to work on exporting that list for you, and as soon as it’s done, you’ll receive an email that looks like this:

You may have noticed there’s a time limit at the bottom. That’s a security feature, and you need to make sure you click the link of the list you want to download before that time limit is up.

Congrats, you’ve downloaded your subscriber list! 🎉


What if the download doesn’t work?

Sometimes, even when you click the link within the 30-minute time limit, browsers can block the file download because it is a CSV file. Your browser may appear to open the link in a new tab, which then immediately disappears.

To solve that problem, try a different browser to download the file (remember to re-export your list if the 30 minutes is up). That should result in a successful download.

What if the email doesn’t arrive?

On rare occasions, our servers can get really busy which can cause a delay in a subscriber export. We know this can be super frustrating, and if it happens to you please let us know by emailing (or just drop us a message in the chat bubble on the website).

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