When you set up a Revue account, we give you a shiny new Profile Page, featuring a sign-up form, which you can always find by clicking on the link next to your profile picture in the top-right of the screen:

You can share that page with potential readers so they can sign up to your newsletter.

But what if you want to embed a sign-up form directly into your own website? We’ve got you.

How to find your sign-up form

Revue offers an HTML code snippet that you can copy, then embed into your website. To find it, head to ‘Account Settings’, then the ‘Integrations’ tab. Scroll all the way to the bottom, and you’ll see this card:

Click ‘Learn more’, and you’ll be taken to a new page:

Copy the text in the black box, and paste it into your site.

And that’s it! When people type their email address into that form, they will automatically be added to your mailing list on Revue.

What about styling?

You may have noticed that the form this code produces is kinda generic. No fancy colors or squiggly lines here. That's because we wanted to provide a basic form that would work for everyone, without clashing with other colors on your website.

But you might well want to alter the form to fit the colors and fonts you use in your styling. We’re not able to provide personalized forms at the moment, but you’re absolutely free to tweak the HTML however you choose (just note that the Terms and Privacy Policy links must not be deleted).

What’s next?

So you’ve set up your sign-up form. Great! Here are some more tips on growing your subscriber list, and sharing your newsletter as widely as possible,

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