First things first. After logging into your account, head to Account Settings and then click on the Design tab. Since we like to keep it short and simple, you can only choose from two different themes. But they’re pretty great! Let’s take a closer look.


The default theme when you first start a Revue newsletter is called ‘Personal’ — you’ll see it on the left.

We crafted it with a lot of input from people who use Revue every day. The idea was to make the design reflect the personal relationship you are building with your newsletter readers. It's stripped down, and celebrates simplicity. There’s nothing to distract from the words you write:

...and if you add visual elements, they really pop:

One detail we're particularly excited about is the Twitter handle at the very top of the newsletter. For many people who use Revue, their subscriber list is a subset of their Twitter audience.

And if you have a Twitter handle set in your Revue account, we‘ll link to your profile in your newsletter, tying together these channels and audiences:

To set your Twitter handle, head to Account Settings, then Profile. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the ‘Elsewhere’ section, and paste your Twitter handle in the appropriate box:

Remember to hit ‘Save’ at the bottom, and you’re good to go!


To the right of ‘Personal’, you will find the ‘Editorial’ theme that we launched in 2016 (you can read more about the launch here). We noticed the change in the way email was used, as well as its design. That’s why we decided to focus on more of an editorial, magazine-style look for this one. ‘Editorial’ offers a different structure for your digest where your bio and profile image sit in the footer, the font is different, and more.

Personal [Old]

On the far right, you might see our older, outdated version of the Personal theme. If you’re using that and you like it, you’re very welcome to keep doing so — but we’re not actively working on it any more.

If you decide to switch away from this theme, there's no going back, so if you want to try out either of the others make sure to click Preview to test it out first — your latest draft will pop up in a new window with the design you’ve chosen.

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