When you first open Revue, you’ll be taken to the ‘Create’ tab, so you can start drafting your newsletter. But what if you want to save it for later, or start a new draft that you want to send first?

Good news — this is super easy!

The newsletter you've been working on will be auto-saved as a draft until you'd like to send it. It lives in the ‘Issues’ tab in the top navigation. You’ll see the word "Draft" underneath the subject line, and you can jump back in to edit by clicking ‘Edit’ on the right:

In the meantime, you're free to start a new draft by clicking ‘Add new issue’ underneath your profile image in the screenshot above.

Then you can jump into whichever one you want to work on, and send whichever you'd like first!

One thing to bear in mind is that the subject line auto-populates with an issue number, so if you've added a new draft that you want to send before the one below it, you'll need to make sure to edit that (of course, you don't need to mention the issue number in the subject line at all).

But that's easily done by changing the text next to ‘Subject’ when you click ‘Edit’:

And thats how drafts work on Revue!

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