NOTE: The information below is relevant to customers of Revue Publisher, a version of Revue for large creators and publications, currently in private beta.

As an Admin, you can create and manage ads within Revue (learn more about Team roles here). There are three kinds of ads:

  1. Sponsorships

  2. Display ads or cross promotions

  3. Native ads or sponsored content

For the first two formats, you’ll use the ad suite. For the third format, you’ll use the newsletter editor.

Before we get started, here are some examples


These can be set up in all of your newsletter issues, and even all of your newsletters (if you wish!).

For example, you can add a banner like this below your a newsletter's header image:

Display Ads/Cross Promotions

These can also be set up to run in all of your newsletter issues, and all of your newsletters if you choose that option.

For example, Hyperallergic use their newsletters to promote merchandise in their store:

And Techstars promoted their Sustainability Challenge from their Startup Digest newsletters:

Native ads/Sponsored content

These are specific to the newsletter issue you’re creating.

For example, some issues of Matt Navarra’s newsletter Geekout feature content from sponsors, like this one from Sked Social:

Where to place ads in your newsletter

These four placements are available to you:

Top Placement – High visibility

Top Placement – High visibility

After Header – recommended for Sponsors

After Intro – follows your introduction

Bottom placement – Only followed by your footer

How to create a sponsorship, display ad or promo

In order to create an ad, you have to be an Admin. From the Publisher account, go to Advertising in the top navigation. Click ‘Create ad’:

You’ll see this form:

  1. Give your ad a name, so you can find it later when you want to place it (this is for internal use only).

  2. Add the name of the advertiser.

  3. Add the creative (ie. all the data for visually rendering the ad itself). Your ad is just a snippet of HTML. A little bit of code. Paste it into the Ad Content field.

  4. Hit ‘Create ad’ to save.

Tip: This can be a great way to encourage subscribers to sign up to other newsletters you run. Find a step-by-step guide on cross-promoting your newsletters with a one-click sign-up button here.

How to place a sponsorship, display ad or cross promotion

In order to place a sponsorship, display ad or cross promotion, you have to be an Admin. You have two options here:

  • Place an ad in one newsletter

  • Place an ad in all available newsletters

How to place an ad in a specific newsletter

From the Publisher account, go to ‘Newsletters’ in the top navigation. Go to the newsletter and, through the little arrow next to Open, choose ‘Place ads’:

You can then select the ad you wish to place, then choose the slot in the newsletter where you want to see it, like ‘After header’:

How to place an ad in all available newsletters

From the publisher account, go to Advertising in the top navigation. Here, you'll see a list of all the ads you have created. Click on Place ad. Now, you can choose a placement, like Top Placement. Important: This will place this add in all available newsletters at this position.

NB. You can also edit the content of your ads from this screen.

How to remove an ad in a specific newsletter or delete it entirely

You have two options if you want to remove an ad. You can delete it and remove it from all past and future issues, or you can remove it from a specific newsletter and keep it in past issues.

Delete the ad entirely

This is done via the Advertising tab in the publisher account and it will remove the ad from all issues, even published issues. To do this, go to the Advertising tab, and next to the ad you wish to delete, click the small arrow to open the drop down menu. There, you’ll see the option to ‘Delete’.

⚠️ Be aware that this deletes the ad from all past issues and can't be undone.

Remove an ad from a specific newsletter

This is done in the newsletter’s Advertising settings. Here, you can safely remove the ad from all future newsletters without deleting the ad itself. This will keep the ad visible in all past issues.

To do this, go to the ‘Newsletter’ tab in the publisher account. Next to the newsletter you want to remove the ad from, open the drop down menu via the small arrow, then click ‘Place ads’.

On the page that opens, look for the ad you want to remove, and open the drop down via the small arrow. Here you can ‘Delete’ the ad — this will remove it from all future issues.

How to place a native ad or sponsored content

You can place a native ad or sponsored content within the newsletter editor really easily.

Open the newsletter you wish to edit from the ‘Newsletters’ page in your publisher account, then click ‘Edit’ next to the issue you wish to insert the ad into.

Place the link to the sponsored story just like you would for a regular article (you can learn more about adding links in the editor here). Now, hover over that story and click on the three dots next to it. There, you can choose any view with a dollar icon to show the sponsored label.

Now, add the advertiser’s name to the label A Message From (and edit the headline/text like a regular link, if you wish):

And that’s everything you need to know about ads in Revue! Check out these articles to learn more about Revue Publisher:

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