NOTE: The information below is relevant to customers of Revue Publisher, a version of Revue for large creators and publications, currently in private beta.

With your Publisher account, there is no limit to how many newsletters you can add. Each gets its own profile page, editors, list and settings. Go to ‘Newsletters’ in the top navigation to get started.

Add a newsletter

In order to add a newsletter, click the large ‘Add newsletter’ button on the right:

When you first set up a newsletter, you’ll be unable to manage it until you invite an editor for that newsletter into your account. This email address needs to be different from that of any other Admin or any Editor already connected to a newsletter.

NB. A workaround in Gmail and some other email service providers is to add a ‘+’ symbol, then any combination of words or numbers before the ‘@’ in your email address. You can create any number of separate email IDs with the same inbox.

Eg: anna+[yourpublication]

After you have invited an editor, you can open the newsletter and will be asked to provide some information, like username, reply-to-address, newsletter title, choose your theme, and more:

If you have a custom theme set up, you’ll be able to select it by clicking on the drop-down menu next to ‘THEME’.

You can change all of this information later, so don’t worry too much about getting it perfect right away!

Adjust the settings for your newsletter

To adjust settings of individual newsletters within your account, go to the ‘Newsletters’ tab in the top navigation, and click ‘Open’ next to the newsletter you’d like to edit. You can always click ‘Back to newsletter overview’ in the top-right corner if you want to exit this newsletter.

Click on the profile image in the top-right, then ‘Account Settings’. Here, you can adjust all settings for this newsletter, most importantly:


Make sure to adjust the welcome text to speak in your very own voice with the people who sign up for the newsletter, and add all your links in the Elsewhere section


Make sure to adjust the time zone, so scheduled issues go out when you need them to go out.


Grab the code for your sign-up form here. For this, scroll all the way down to Sign up forms. With this you can embed a sign up form in your website.

To read about Account Settings in more detail, head to this help page. NB. This page was built for the Free version of Revue. Most of the information is the same, but you’ll see a couple of differences on the Publisher plan:

  • The ‘Design’ tab will give you the option to select your custom design

  • You won't see the ‘Team’ or ‘Billing’ tabs

  • You’ll have the option to enable beta versions of features we’re testing

Add subscribers to your newsletter

In your newsletter account, click ‘Subscribers’ at the top.

Here, you can import subscribers via a CSV file, from Mailchimp or manually. You can also just add your own email first, if you want to test.

Resources to share with editors

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