NOTE: The information below is relevant to customers of Revue Publisher, a version of Revue for large creators and publications, currently in private beta.

When you log in as a customer of Revue Publisher, you can go into the settings of individual newsletters by selecting the ‘Newsletters’ tab at the top of the page and opening the newsletter you want to work on. But before you do that, you can also edit your overarching organization settings — things like your logo and sign up page.

To get started, click on the logo in the top-right corner, and then on ‘Settings’.

You’ll then see three tabs: General, Sign up page and API...


Under the ‘General’ tab, you can edit your organization name, logo, and default email address:

Sign up page

This is where it gets exciting.

On the ‘Sign up page’ tab, you can set up a page where readers can easily opt-in to any of your newsletters. It's a great way to increase the number of newsletters each reader subscribes to, because it allows them to opt-in to several in one go — and manage their preferences later if they wish.

Here’s what ours looks like:

Enable and customize your Sign up page

On this tab, you can enable your page, customize its title and subtitle, and add a brand color:

Below, you can arrange your newsletters in the order you’d like them to appear. Just drag the newsletter into the relevant section:

  • Featured shows newsletters at the very top with a background image or color. This section is optional. Just leave it empty if you only want to use the default design. You can add a featured image by tapping on Edit and uploading a Newsletter cover. We recommend a cover size of 1040px*460px.

  • Default shows your newsletters without an image in the default design.

  • Hidden newsletters won’t appear on your Sign up page.

Make your Sign up page available on a custom domain

Your readers will appreciate a simple subdomain on your domain to access all of your newsletters and let them manage their preferences. You can specify your custom domain on the ‘Sign up page’ tab:

It’s important to mention that it takes a little bit of research before you start, since every DNS provider has their own user interface and steps for adding or editing its domain’s DNS records.

Although the specifics differ per DNS provider, the overall idea is the same across all DNS providers:

  1. You have to decide what subdomain you want to use (i.e.

  2. If you want your profile page to be accessible on your custom domain you need to create a CNAME record with (host)name “newsletters” that points to

  3. Lastly, you need to enter a subdomain, "" in the box next to where it says http:// above.

Then you just wait. It can take up to 24 hours before the DNS records are updated. But we know from experience that it usually does not take the full 24 hours (we’ve seen records being updated within the hour).

If you want to find out more about setting up a custom domain on Revue, we have a Help Center article dedicated to the topic. We also recommend securing your domain with SSL — we do that for our Revue Publisher customers. Drop us a line and we’ll get it sorted.

That’s it! Your Sign up page is ready to go.


On the API tab, you can find your key for usage with the Organizations API and access our API documentation.

Tip: You can use our Organizations API to export your newsletter data.

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