A gripping subject line is a ticket to a high open rate. But with the preheader feature, you get another chance to engage your readers before they open your newsletter issue.

What is a preheader?

It’s the short line of text that follows the subject line when viewing an email in an inbox. It can go alongside or underneath the subject line, depending on the device and screen size. Most email clients show this text to let the recipient know what the message contains before they open it.

By default, this line of text is taken from the first text found in the email, but you can complement your subject line by setting a preheader that offers more information to intrigue your readers.

How do I change it in Revue?

By clicking on the gear icon in the bottom-left of the editor, you can select ‘Set preheader':

This box will pop up, which will let you type in the preheader for your issue:

And that’s it! Click ‘Save preheader’, and you’re done.

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