We have recently simplified the way people can log in to Revue. Now you can log in with your email address or Twitter.

What if I used my email to access my account?

Nothing changes here — carry on as usual!

What if I logged in with Google or Facebook in the past?

1: The first time you log back in, click on ‘Looking for your Google or Facebook login?’ at the bottom of the screen.

2: Enter the email address associated with the account you used. If you don’t know or can’t remember which email address is associated with your account, we’ll help you find it. Send us a message at support@getrevue.co.

3: We’ll send simple instructions for how to create a password and get into your account.

4: From that moment onwards, you can log in with that new email and password combination.

Do I have to use Twitter to log in?

We will never force people to log in with Twitter. You can still log in with an email address and password combo.

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