If you know where people are finding the link to your profile page, you can focus on the places where you’re getting most traffic and make sure your growth efforts pay off.

Revue makes it easy to keep an eye on this via the ‘Insights’ page within your account. It contains three main dashboards to help you keep track of how your newsletter is doing, and how your audience is responding.

The second of the three tabs is ‘Growth’. Here, you can see how people are finding your newsletter and how your growth campaigns are doing on various platforms. This is what the whole tab looks like:

When you first get to this page, you'll see a drop-down list with various timeframes that you can specify (just click ‘Last 90 days’ to see your options). The rest of the page will show data from the the selected timeframe.

Subscribers per source

First, you'll see your subscriber total for your selected timeframe, and five boxes explaining how each of them came to be on your mailing list.

In the above example, 61 subscribers entered their email address on the newsletter profile page. 35 signed up from Twitter: either by clicking 'Subscribe' on your Twitter profile, or by clicking 'Subscribe' in a Tweet. None were added from an imported list (via the Subscribers page), none were added via Revue’s API (head to this page to find out more about the API), none were added manually (also via the Subscribers page).

You’ll also see a graph showing how this data maps out over your selected timeframe:

Underneath that graph, you’ll see a handy table that shows which domains your subscribers found the link to your profile page on (A ‘referring domain’ is basically a website that links out to another website).

For instance, if your newsletter is featured in a ‘Top newsletters of this year’ list, you may find several subscribers came on board via a link from that page. If you’re spending time, effort and money on a marketing campaign via Facebook, for example, you’ll also be able to track how successful that campaign has been by seeing how many new subscribers it has brought you.

Here’s an example of how the table looks:

General traffic to your profile page

But what if you want to see how many people in total have visited your profile, and where they found the link?

You can click ‘Learn more’ at the bottom of the table in the screenshot above to go deeper — that will show how many people have visited your profile page over a certain amount of time and how many subscribed when doing so.

Beneath that, you’ll see tables showing how many Unique visits your previous newsletter issues got, and the referring domains driving those visits.

To head back to the ‘Growth’ tab, just click ‘Back to growth’ at the top.

Find new ways of adding subscribers

We have a whole separate article on how to grow your subscriber list, but you’ll also find links to helpful resources on the bottom-right of the ‘Growth’ tab.

You can check out our API documentation, get an embed code to put a subscription form in your own website, and integrate Zapier, a workflow automation tool, to sync or even import subscribers from other tools you use:

That’s everything you need to know about the Growth tab!

Can’t get enough stats? Check out our pages on the Performance tab (which tracks your Open rate and Click rate) and the Engagement tab (which gives great info on recurring engagement).

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