Revue makes it easy to keep an eye on your newsletter performance via the ‘Insights’ page within your account. It contains three main dashboards to help you keep track of how your newsletter is doing, and how your audience is responding.

The first of the three tabs is ‘Performance’. Here, you can view your newsletter Open rate and Click rate over a certain period of time.

This is what the whole tab looks like:

First things first, here’s what ‘Open rate’ and ‘Click rate’ mean:

  • The Open rate shows the percentage of subscribers who open a specific email out of your total number of subscribers

  • The Click rate shows the percentage of people who click on a link within an email out of the total number of people who opened it

Helpful metrics, right? And this page will show them to you as clearly as possible (no spreadsheets necessary). Just specify your timeframe, and you’re good to go:

If you click on where it says ‘Last 90 days’ in the above screenshot, you get a drop-down list with other options:

Once you’ve specified your timeframe, you’ll see two boxes below that show your newsletter’s average Open rate and average Click rate over that period of time.

But wait, there’s more. Below, you’ll see two graphs...

Number of subscribers and Unique opens

The first shows how your subscriber list has grown with each issue sent, alongside Unique Opens (which counts the first time a single subscriber opens a specific email).

This makes it easier to see if your new subscribers are engaging with your newsletter — ideally, these lines should be growing at the same pace.

In the example above, issue #60 shows a higher number of Unique opens than the trend line might suggest. This writer can then go back to issue #60 and see what may have caused that bump. Maybe in this case the subject line was formulated in a particularly gripping way, and the writer could choose to do that more in the future.

Open rates and Click rates

This graph shows your Open rate and Click rates for every issue in your specified timeframe.

The Open rate line (red) can, again, show you when more people were tempted to open your newsletter. The Click rate line (yellow) can tell you when the content of your newsletter was particularly gripping, causing more people to click when they opened it.

In the example above, issue #68 shows a comparatively low Open rate and high Click rate, telling us that the newsletter content was particularly interesting to readers while the subject line might not have communicated that as well as it could have.

And that’s a wrap for the Performance tab!

If you’re hungry for more stats, check out our pages on the Growth tab (which tells you how subscribers are finding your newsletters) and the Engagement tab (which gives great info on recurring engagement).

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