When you’re just starting out, your subscriber count matters much less than finding your groove and, well, sending some newsletters.

Here are some tips to help this early, explorative phase go nice and smoothly:

  • Don’t overthink it. This isn’t the moment to focus on how many people received, opened, and liked your newsletter. Focus on what you are passionate about.

  • Add a personal touch: Send the newsletter in your own name. Encourage your readers to reply. Use an informal tone of voice as if talking to a friend. And address your subscribers by name using personalization tags.

  • Find a schedule that works for you. Feel free to choose daily, weekly, biweekly or even monthly. But do stick to your schedule as readers reward consistency.

  • Start each issue off with a good intro. Think of it as a conversation starter and use it to set the tone for the rest of the newsletter. Share what’s on your mind. Have an opinion.

  • End your issue with a closing section. It could be a simple goodbye, a motto for the day, or an invitation to reply, share or like.

  • Comment on links and images you share. Curating content is effective, but should be more than just dumping links. Add a few sentences on why you included the content and what you think about it.

  • Use our curation tools. We have a browser extension and some handy integrations to add items to Revue so that you can easily drag and drop links into your newsletter issue and add your comments.

And, once again, don’t worry about subscribers yet. Just send the issues to yourself and a few trusted friends or peers until you’re happy with the result and confident that you can produce consistently. You can evaluate and tweak as you go until you are ready to share your newsletter more widely.

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