So you’ve built your newsletter draft and you’re ready to send. Congrats!

This bit couldn’t be easier. Once you click ‘Schedule issue’ in the bottom right of your editor screen, you’ll see this:

If you’d like to send straight away, make sure ‘Send it now’ is selected, and click the orange ’Send now’ button at the bottom of the screen (don’t worry, you’ll be asked one more time if you’re absolutely sure before it sends).

If you’d prefer to send it later, click that option and you’ll be able to fill in the time and date. Make sure the ‘Timezone’ field is set to the time you expect — if you want to change it just click on where it says ‘Europe/Amsterdam’ in the screenshot below and you’ll be taken to settings where you can change that).

Click the orange ‘Schedule’ button at the bottom and you’re all set! You can always come back to cancel the scheduling later if you change your mind.

Finally, you can share your newsletter on the following platforms to reach even more potential readers:

Just check the boxes before you send, and you’re good to go! When you check any of these boxes, we’ll save your decision for next time.

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