Revue’s editor is one of the best newsletter-building tools out there.

We’ve put together a gif to demonstrate just how simple creating in Revue can be:

Want more detail? Read on!

Let’s break it down

Formatting your newsletter, from start to finish

Subject line: You can change your subject line by clicking on the text next to “subject” at the top and writing something new:

Introduction: Just below that, type some introductory text to welcome your readers:

Newsletter body: Add sections of text or other media by using the buttons at the bottom. Simply drag and drop the sections as they appear to wherever you want them to go:

Another way of adding sections: Hover over the gap between two sections you’ve already created, click the ‘+’ that appears, and you’ll see this menu:

Formatting: Highlight text you’ve already written to change its appearance. You can turn it into a subheading, bold it, italicize it, hyperlink it, turn it into a quote, turn it into a numbered list, and turn it into a bullet-point list:

There are a few ways to do this:

Method 1: Click the ‘Link’ option at the bottom of the screen to add it to the bottom of your newsletter (you can always drag and drop it somewhere else afterwards):

That will bring up this box where you can paste the URL:

Method 2: Add it between two other sections in the newsletter (this also brings up the box where you can paste in the URL):

But what if you’re browsing the web at another time and come across an article you want to put in your newsletter later? That bring us to...

Method 3: Use our super-handy browser extension to save articles until you’re ready to use them. It’s really easy to use — head to this page to learn about it in more detail.

Method 4: You can also integrate with sources like Twitter, Facebook, Pocket and many more to pull content from your timeline and automatically add it to your issues.

You can edit the text by clicking on it, and you can change the positioning of the headline, lede and image by hovering over the link and clicking the three dots on the left:

Clicking ‘Image left’ in the screenshot above will reorientate the link with the image on the left hand side.


Adding media

Images: Simply drag and drop or upload images (.png or .jpg) and GIFs:

Videos: Just copy and paste a YouTube, Vimeo or Daily Motion URL (No embed codes necessary here!):

You can edit the caption that automatically appears. It will look like this in the editor:

NB. You won't be able to play the video from the editor. Do do that, click ‘Preview’ in the bottom-right

Tweets: Paste in the link to a tweet to add it to your newsletter:

...And it will show up in a nice Twitter card in the editor:

Previewing your newsletter

Once you’ve finished editing, you can see a preview of how your newsletter will look online (this will open in a new tab), or send yourself a preview via email.

Ready to send? Click on that ‘Schedule issue’ button and go for it! Or if you’d like to see a walkthrough of how to schedule or send your newsletter, we’ve also got you covered.

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