With Revue, journalists, writers and creators can start a newsletter easily — and make money with it. Once they grow, Revue can grow with them and add features for creators who grew big, and for organizations that already are.

We’ve built some great extra features, only available on the Publisher plan, currently in private beta. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Keep your branding with a custom newsletter theme

  • Monetize with ads, sponsorships or sponsored content

  • Offer your readers content that delights them by building an unlimited number of newsletters

  • Make it easy for your writers to collaborate by inviting unlimited team members into your account

  • Reach even more people by sending to an unlimited subscriber list

  • Add a quality-check for newsletters via our approval workflow

  • Engage your readers better with our multi-newsletter signup page

  • Easily subscribe and unsubscribe readers to multiple newsletters and change their details

Some of the world’s most innovative publishers use Revue, including:

Want to learn more? Check out our dedicated Help Center section.

Interested? Let us know if you want to get an invite once we’re ready to add more customers 👇

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