So you’re thinking about writing a newsletter. That’s great! But we understand the idea can be daunting at first. If you’re not sure where to start, we suggest thinking about your passions.

What makes you tick? What areas do you have experience or expertise in? What could you talk about forever and never get bored? The trick is to find something you can write about regularly and consistently. If you care about it, your readers will feel it.

Our final piece of advice: Start writing. Newsletter writers often take a few issues to find their groove — and to hit that sweet spot that keeps their readers opening every email. You don’t have to figure everything out before you start.

Inspired? Head to our signup page to get the ball rolling — or if you already have a Revue account, try customizing your first issue in the awesome (and easy) editor tool. We also have a handy overview of everything our editor can do if you’d rather check it out before diving in.

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