You can do so much more with Revue, simply by connecting it to other apps you use on a daily basis, making it that much easier to automate tasks!

By plugging Revue into Zapier, a workflow automation tool, you can instantly connect to many complementary business apps. With Zapier’s integration, you can connect apps like Intercom, Typeform, Facebook, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and Constant Contact to your Revue account. (and many many more!)

How to set up your Zaps

  • Create a free Zapier account or log into your existing account.

  • Choose the applications that you want to integrate with Revue. You can either do this from within Zapier itself, or head to the ‘Integrations’ tab in your Revue Account Settings, find Zapier, and click ‘Learn more’ to bring up a (non-exhaustive!) list of options.

  • Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Create a new zap within Zapier! Just choose the apps you want to connect to Revue, choose what actions you want to automate, and choose what events will trigger the actions.

The possibilities are endless

Right about now, you might start to wonder what you can do with these integrations, so I decided to share our favorite ones with you as examples! 

Add new Intercom users to Revue
After you configure this integration, Zapier will add every new user on Intercom as a subscriber to your Revue newsletter, ensuring every one of them gets the news you want to share.

Add subscribers to Revue from new Typeform entries
After this Zap is activated, whenever someone submits an entry to your Typeform, Zapier will automatically subscribe their email address to your personal Revue newsletter so they hear about every new update as it happens.

Add new Facebook Lead Ad leads to Revue as subscribers
Facebook lead ads connect businesses with potential customers by making it easy to sign up for offers, newsletters, or quotes directly from any device. When someone clicks on your lead ad, the contact information they’ve already shared with Facebook is automatically populated into a form. This Zap will pull those leads from Facebook Lead Ads into your Revue subscriber list, allowing you to follow-up quickly.

Connect MailChimp to Revue
If you have a Mailchimp list, and you want to make sure those email addresses are forwarded to your Revue newsletter, make sure to set up this Zap. It will automatically trigger with each new subscriber you get on MailChimp, adding them to your personal Revue newsletter as well. That way you can count on catching everyone with zero effort.

The second Zap works the other way around. Any time someone subscribes to your Revue personal newsletter, Zapier will add them to your MailChimp list.

There is also a Zap that helps you manage the unsubscribes. It keeps both lists automatically in sync. This Zap can come quite in handy since you probably have better things to do than to clean up your mailing lists by hand. ;-) Once active, this feature will automatically unsubscribe people from Revue when they unsubscribe on MailChimp, ensuring no one ever gets an email that they don't want.

You have a Zap to do the opposite as well. Zapier will automatically unsubscribe users from MailChimp when they unsubscribe from Revue.

Add new Campaign Monitor subscribers to Revue
Rather than manually adding your Campaign Monitor subscribers to Revue, use this Zapier integration to make your life easier. Anytime someone subscribes to a Campaign Monitor list, Zapier will add them to your Revue newsletter.

Add new Constant Contact subscribers to Revue
You can keep your subscriber lists updated automatically with this integration. Once active, it will react to every new Constant Contact subscriber, adding them to your Revue newsletter as well so you never have to worry about missing anyone again.

You’ll find an even longer list here, and that’s not even all!

Happy Zapping!

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