We're happy to see you're interested in using Revue! If you need help getting started then just follow the steps in this article.

Step 1: Create an account
You can create your Revue with your Twitter account, Facebook account or Gmail email address. (we're planning on building login via other email addresses  --> check out our roadmap)

After signing up you are sent to our newsletter editor.

Step 2: First we're going to change/update your profile data. Let's start customizing your Revue a bit! 

  • Change the subject line by clicking on it and typing in a new subject line.
  • Change your picture/image by clicking on the settings cog on the top right of your newsletter, and then clicking on 'edit account profile'. There you will find a setting called 'Update profile image'. Please note: the image file cannot be bigger then 2MB. The ideal profile image specs are 168x168. If you have a PRO account and want to upload a header for your newsletter then make sure it has a width of 600px.
  • In the account settings you can also change the text 'Email digest of Nikky Hofland'. Explain what your newsletter is about, and maybe give some information about the topic you will be writing about.
  • The issue number can't be changed yet. But we will implement this soon. If you really need another issue number because you're migrating your newsletter to Revue, then please contact us.
  •  Next step is writing your introductory text for this particular newsletter.

Step 3: After we customized your newsletter a bit, it's time to start adding content. 

  • Use the buttons on the bottom of the newsletter editor to add a heading (section), or just plain text, a link to an article you want to add, or a picture. 
  • When adding a link this is what it looks like. (screenshot below) You can adjust the automatically generated text by clicking on it. If you hover over the link a bin and an arrow appears. Here you can delete the link, or move the link to another place in the newsletter. If you hover over the picture some icons appear. By clicking on them you can either remove the picture which is added, or move the picture to the other side of your newsletter. 
  • Revue also offers even easier ways to add content to your newsletter, which you can read about here! (Like using a Chrome extension, the Revue app, or even integrate Revue with your social media accounts to pull content from your timeline and automagically add it to your issues) 

Step 4: If your newsletter is all set, the next step is to add subscribers.
Click on the 'Subscribers' tab on the top of your newsletter. Here you can add email addresses manually (one by one), but you can also paste a list with email addresses via 'Import via CSV or pasting addresses' or even import it via Mailchimp if you already have a list there.

Another option is to send an 'invite friends to subscribe' email, and let them decide whether they want to subscribe or.

Step 5: After adding some subscribers, we can finally send the newsletter! Return to your newsletter editor by clicking on the 'Create' tab in the top navigation bar and click on the drop-down next to 'Show Preview' (which means a web preview). If you want to see what the email will look like, then hit 'Send me a preview'.

Is everything good to go? Then click 'Schedule Issue' and send your first issue out!

Boom! You just sent out your first issue! Congrats 🎊

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