First things first. After logging into your account, you have to go to Account Settings and then click on Design. Since we like to keep it short and simple, you can only choose from two different themes. But oh boy, are they cool! 

On the right is the Personal Revue theme. This is the one you start off with and if you have the basic Revue account you will have to stick to it. Thing is, it is very simple and elegant and it really lets you focus on the curation rather than spend time on tweaking the design.

If you look next to it, you will find the ‘Editorial’ theme that we launched in 2016 collaboration with the creative team from Awkward. We noticed the change in the way email is used as well as its design. That’s why we decided to focus on more of an editorial, magazine-style look for this one. With ‘Editorial’ you can have a different structure of your digest where your bio goes all the way to the bottom, you can choose how to position your articles, the font is different and more. This theme is available only for Pro Accounts, so unfortunately if you have the basic account you will not be able to upgrade to it.  

If you're still doubting which one to choose form, you can simply click on Preview and your issue will pop up with the design you've chosen. 

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