One of the biggest upsides of Revue are the integrations. You can easily collect content from various platforms, transfer it to your Revue with one of our integrations and then just drag and drop it into the editor. Voila! It happens that easy. But what integrations do we have? 

First off, you can connect some of your most used social media channels or favorite applications with Revue in order to pull content automatically to your Revue inbox.
Those are: Twitter, Facebook, Pocket, Instagram, Medium, Google+, Product Hunt, Instapaper and RSS feeds.

Basically you can connect all of the mentioned platforms to your Revue account and see that content displayed in your sidebar once you log in. Then you can browse and decide what to include in your newsletter, without the hassle of opening other applications or scrolling endlessly to find something. It’s an extremely convenient way of putting together your newsletter and it also saves you a lot of time! You literally have to only drag & drop!

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