So you are probably doubting whether or not to upgrade to a Revue PRO account. Let me tell you all about the benefits of a PRO account. 

1. You can use Revue for free of course. With a free account you can add up to 200 subscribers. With a PRO account you are also able to increase your subscriber limit. 

2. You can use your own email address for sending out your newsletter.
Instead of an email address we generate for you (like

3. Being able to change the welcome text.
Change the default text into a more personal message to your followers.

4. Create a Custom Domain
Your newsletter will be hosted by default on our domain. However, if you prefer to make your newsletter available through your own domain, like, with a PRO account you can easily set this up!

5. Pick a theme for your newsletter
For PRO users we created a new theme called "Editorial". It's carefully crafted to resemble an editorial, magazine style-looking digest. Below you see the default theme on the left side and the new template on the right. 

6. Change the style of the header of your email
In the free version of Revue you can use the default header with a round picture on top. With a PRO account you can upload your own custom header for your email.

7. Change the colors in your newsletter
In the free version you can use the Revue orange and blue. With a PRO account you can choose the colors that match your style. 

8. No Revue logos in your mails


Can I cancel at any time?
Yes, except you’ll no longer have access to the Pro features. If you cancel, you’ll continue to be a Pro user until the end of your monthly billing cycle.

What happens with my subscribers when I cancel?
Nothing will happen to your subscribers. If you have more subscribers than the free plan offers, only the first 200 subscribers will receive your next issues. If you decide to upgrade again, your subscribers will still be there.

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