At Revue we know how important it is to see how your newsletter is performing. Therefore we created an analytics tab where you can find all the insights about your recently sent digest.

Go to Issues. Find the button Statistics next to your issue.

The first data we show is how many subscribers your issue went out to, what percentage of those opened it, how many of them clicked on an article and what percentage unsubscribed. 

When you scroll down, first you’ll see the column ‘Most popular links’. There you’ll see in order of the most clicked link to the least clicked link. Those are your “click rates”. Right next to the link itself you’ll be able to see how many times this specific link has been clicked. And once you click on the number, you will see the email addresses of the people that clicked on this particular link and how many times

Last but not least we share which subscriber opened your issue and how many times. Thus, your “Open Rates". Note that on some mail providers like Outlook just clicking on the email can be an open.

Underneath, you can find the people who “Unsubscribed”. This is pretty self-explanatory. Plus, this column doesn't deserve that much time since those peeps decided they’re too cool for school and skedaddled to search their own purpose away from your amazing digest.

On another note, 24 hours after you’ve sent your first issue, you get a super fine table of the most important stats and this brief summary aims to show you how your issue performed. It looks something like this:

Maybe good to know that we will be updating the analytics page soon! If you have some suggestions, let us know on our open roadmap!

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