If you use Revue, your newsletter will be hosted by default on our domain via www.getrevue.co/profile/yourusername.

But we also support custom domains. That way you can make your newsletters available through your own domain, the web address your users know. It's by no means essential, but it's pretty cool.

Custom domain? DNS records? Click here if you need more explanation about this.

It’s important to mention that it takes a little bit of research before you start, since every DNS provider has their own user interface and steps for adding or editing its domain’s DNS records. Although the specifics differ per DNS provider the overall idea is the same across all DNS providers. 

Step 1: You have to acquire a domain (eg. yourdomain.com) and decide what subdomain you want to use to direct to your profile page. (eg. newsletters.yourdomain.com). The ‘subdomain’ is the ‘newsletters’ part of the URL.

Step 2: If you want your profile page to be accessible on your custom domain you need to go to the website of your domain provider, then create a CNAME record with (host)name ‘newsletters’ that points to ‘www.getrevue.co’.

Note: Many DNS providers (eg. GoDaddy) will only expect you to fill in your subdomain as the name of the CNAME record (eg. ‘newsletters’, as above). Others will expect you to fill in the full URL (eg. ‘newsletters.yourdomain.com’). You should find more detail on which you need to do in your domain provider’s documentation — we’ve dropped links to help pages from several popular providers at the bottom of this page.

Step 3: Lastly, you need to enter the full URL that you want to direct to your Revue profile page (eg. ‘newsletters.yourdomain.com’) in the settings of Revue. Go to Account Settings, then Settings, then scroll down. You’ll see a gray box which offers a short version of what we explain in this article, and a field where you can paste the URL:

Then you just wait. It can take up to 24 hours before the DNS records are updated. But we know from experience that it usually does not take the full 24 hours (we’ve seen records being updated within the hour).

Note: The 24-hour wait is for the CNAME to take effect on the side of the DNS provider. If you’ve already waited 24 hours before completing the step above, you should immediately be able to access your profile page from your custom domain.

Securing your custom domain

Regular Revue profile links are automatically secured with SSL/TLS (which means that you’ll see ‘https’ at the beginning of the URL in your search bar). But when you set up a custom domain, that’s not the case (you will see ‘http’ at the beginning of the URL rather than ‘https’).

We have a help page explaining how you can secure your custom domain here.

SPF setup

Here's the information you need to set up an SPF TXT record in your DNS:

v=spf1 include:spf.revue.co ~all

Naked domains

One thing you might be wondering about is how to redirect yourdomain.com (no subdomain, <subdomain>.yourdomain.com) to your Revue profile. Yourdomain.com is called a naked domain and domain protocols state that one shouldn’t redirect naked domains. You can read up on the technical aspects, if interested, here (Cloudflare) and here (Heroku). If you want this badly you need to be on one of these DNS providers.

How to set up a CNAME on your provider

We looked up a set of tutorials explaining how to setup a CNAME. Just google “CNAME <name of your DNS provider>” (without brackets) if your DNS provider is not in the list.

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