Struggling to quickly grow your audience? No worries, we’ve got you covered! 

1: First and foremost, keep publishing regularly. Every new issue is an opportunity for additional readers. The more content, the more subscribers.

2: You can share your profile page on different social media platforms that you use like Facebook, Twitter or your own personal blog. When you share your profile page on Twitter, people will be able to subscribe directly from the Tweet.

3: Share your issues on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as soon as you send them via the ‘Schedule’ page. When you share an issue on Twitter, people will be able to subscribe directly from the Tweet.

4: Ask readers to forward the newsletters or your profile page to their friends. You know they like the content and should be willing to share. And it’s likely that they know other people interested in the topic.

5: Already have a list of subscribers? You can easily connect with MailChimp to import your subscribers. Or import any other CSV file. Here’s a guide to how to do that.

6: After creating a newsletter you can share it on social media, or even publish it on, with one click.

7: Post the issues in some highly relevant groups or forums. There are many communities out there. Find the right ones, become an engaged member of those communities, and share your content.

8: You can also integrate signup forms in your website (We have a WordPress plugin for you to use). But you can also use Upscribe to create signup forms for Medium!

9: Use Zapier, a workflow automation tool, to sync or even import subscribers from other tools you use.

A golden piece of advice: Great content will attract readers. Keep publishing your newsletter regularly, keep sharing it to Twitter and Facebook, keep asking readers to share and forward, and the number of subscribers will grow.

And remember: Keep a close eye on open rate and replies. A high open rate is a sign of good content reaching the right audience. The higher the open rate, the better the content, and the higher the likelihood your readers will recommend you.

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