So you have connected your Stripe account, configured your paid newsletter, and you're ready to activate a paid version of your newsletter? Here’s what will change once you flip the switch.

New subscribers

After enabling the paid version of your newsletter people are still able to subscribe to your newsletter for free. The overall subscribe flow will not change, but your free subscribers will be given the option to become a paying member: in the confirmation and welcome email and in the online confirmation message:


Within the actual newsletter, only the footer changes once you enable your paid newsletter. When you decide to send a free issue of your newsletter, the footer will include a link to become a paying member. The paid version will not include this information, but show a "This is a members-only issue" text instead.

Manage subscription

All your subscribers will have the ability to manage their subscription online once you activate your paid newsletter. Via the link in in the footer (as seen in the previous screenshots), subscribers can update their basic information, become a paying member or cancel their subscription.

All changes will have to be verified via an email confirmation message.

Members page

A new page will be added to your profile page called "Members". The information you entered when configuring your newsletter will be used on that page to convince people to become a paying member.

People will be able to immediately become a paying member on this page as well by filling out their credit card information. If they are already a free subscriber, they'll get an email confirming that they'd like to become a paying member. If not, they'll get the default confirmation email. After confirming they'll be subscribed and become a paying member.

Even though subscribers filled out their credit card information, they will not be charged if they don't confirm their subscription.

Profile page

Issues that are being sent to just the paid members are still shown in the list of issues on your profile page. However, people can distinguish them from free versions by the star icon:

When people click on the issue, a "paywall" will be shown and people won't be able to read the issue without becoming a paying member.

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