Editorial newsletters are a great way to reach your audience in a personal way. To make it even more personal, you can use your subscribers' first and/or last name in your issues by using personalization tags.

You can use these tags as a placeholder in your issues and when you decide to send out your issue, we'll replace them with the actual subsciber's first or last name. You can use the following tags:

  • {{first_name}}  for a subscriber's first name

  • {{last_name}}  for a subscriber's first name

Here's a quick example of an issue introduction:

Fallback values

However, the first or last name might not always be available for all subscribers. That is why you can set a fallback value for the first and last name. We will use this value to replace the personalization tag when there's no first or last name available.

You can do so on the create page or on the schedule page just before sending out your issue (this will only be availabe if you actually used the personalization tags).

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